About Piccadilly


It was the vision of Arnold Ziff, the legendary founder of Leeds-based property developers and investment company Town Centre Securities, which paved the way for the stunning mixed-use regeneration of Piccadilly Basin in Manchester city centre.

His purchase of shares in the Rochdale Canal Company in the 1960s, when canals were seriously out of fashion and the majority of this particular canal had fallen into disuse and was closed to navigation, was inspired.

This development is a classic example of how an appreciation of the past, coupled with an understanding of the commercial imperatives of the present, can create something very special indeed. So it is entirely fitting that Arnold Ziff, whose keen sense of history was allied to an acute business sense, was the godfather of such a significant and successful regeneration project which is transforming the Piccadilly Basin area of Manchester into a jewel in the city’s crown.

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